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Digital Newspaper Archive

The Digital Newspaper Archive of the Provincial Library Dr. Friedrich Teßmann allows you to search within various digitised newspapers and periodicals published in the Alpine area. The collections offered in this archive exceed the Teßmann Library’s own stock and rely on the collaboration with many partner libraries and publishers.

» List of available digitised newspapers and periodicals

By selecting a newspaper from the alphabetical list, you get an overview of all the available digitised issues of this newspaper of a certain year and of a certain date.

» Annual overview of available digitised newspapers and periodicals

By using the calendar navigation you can select a certain date to view all the newspapers and periodicals of that day available in digital form.

» Digitised books of the Provincial Library’s stock

The Provincial Library makes accessible a constantly growing selection of digitised books of its stock of Tyrolean publications („Tirolensien“). These works were mainly published before 1900 in the area of former Tyrol and deal with various subjects. The research modalities include search by category, quick search and advanced search.

» Digitised images of the Teßmann Collection

The Provincial Library’s image collection consists of more than 1600 images including landscapes and cityscapes, views of castles, ruins and ecclesiastical buildings as well as images of traditional costumes. You can search for a particular image by its title, the name of the represented place or object, or by default categories.

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